Facts About This Growing Trend

In both jobs I’ve had since finishing school, there has been the option to work somewhere other than the office, whether it be my apartment for the day or my mom’s house when I visit her.

I’m not the only lucky one. People all over the United States are starting to experience this perk at their jobs, too. Some recruiters are even interviewing candidates for positions that are specifically remote, meaning the employee would be based in a completely different city or state than the headquarters.

And while you may think working from home would be a major distraction (TV to watch, dishes to wash, oh my!), 77% feel they are more productive than when they work in the office. Check out some more fun facts below about this growing trend and the people who do it.

We’re talking about making yourself presentable, and you do that primarily through clothing, shoes, accessories. You may be able to get away with staying in your yoga pants all day on a rainy Sunday, but they likely won’t pass muster in the office. When survey participants were asked how much they spend on clothing, shoes and accessories for work in a given year, 47% said they spend $250 or more and one in 10 employees (or 13%) admitted to spending $750 or more.

Of course, even if you work for yourself or don’t report to an office ever, you’ve still got to get dressed, and you’ve still got to eat. Having a job that you’re physically required to be at doesn’t necessarily have to add to your wardrobe expenses, particularly if you know how to make smart clothing purchases, but it’s probable that it will somehow. And if you’re on the job search, well you’re likely spending money to travel to interviews, and let’s not forget about the money you’re putting toward printing copies of your resume on pretty, ecru-colored paper.